I grew up in East Anglia, UK, in a small town called Wymondham, in a loving home with parents who both served in church. However, I never fully understood a personal relationship with Jesus until I was saved in my mid thirties as a married mother of two lovely boys.  Ever since the moment when I finally saw Jesus was real and that he was there for me, life has been an exciting journey of learning and discovery. I really never looked back after that.

I have lived in Spain since I met my husband, Joaquin in 1990.  When our own children were small, while volunteering in the kids’ ministry of an English speaking church, God began to give me a heart for local unchurched Spanish kids who would likely never come to church or hear the gospel.  Eventually I tried some mini outreach projects for pre-teens and it quickly became clear that there was an openness and a need. 

That is where it started.  At that time I discovered Young Life and their way of reaching out to and serving teenagers, which is a great fit for the Spanish culture and also for the way God has made me.  Since then God has grown me and grown the ministry here. I have learned a lot about waiting and trusting God in my weaknesses, and God has brought more and more teens into my life to love them and invite them with no strings attached.  Invite them to fun activities, invite them into a growing community of teens who accept and support each other, invite them to consider Jesus and the possibility of becoming His friend.


To fulfill this mission to which I’ve been called, I would like you to consider the opportunity to join my support team and be part of this adventure.

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