We are Luis and Miriam and we met in 1999 at the Theological Seminary of Barcelona. Theological Seminary of Barcelona. We got married in 2003 and currently have three children; Ruth 14 years old, Jan 12 years old and Ander 2 years old.

Both Miriam and I have been involved in different youth ministries as well as church leadership. In 2010 we felt a strong call from the Lord to serve Him full time and in 2012 we had the opportunity to start working in Young Life as the Barcelona Area Director.

Since then the work has advanced a lot, the Lord has opened doors in different places, where before it was unthinkable to have a presence. We are currently working in two High Schools and in different areas of Barcelona. The added value that we bring to our activities is the love that God has placed in our hearts. This aspect makes the kids not feel judged or rejected and find a space where they can show themselves as they are without fear of rejection.

Being part of this team is a challenge, there is nothing more complicated than committing to be part of the lives of young people, but it is also a joy to see how their hearts are transformed and their lives changed.

Would you join our team?

I wish you could take up this challenge… We have been called to incarnate the message of Good News, of hope and life. Only God has the power to change lives and to make his Word grow in lands where they seem barren.

I invite you to join our team and to sow the seed of hope among teenagers in Barcelona and Spain.

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Si sois entre 5 y 9 amigos, el precio del campamento son 280€ per persona (Descuento de 25€)

Si sois entre 10 y 14 amigos, el precio del campamento son 265€ per persona (Descuento de 40€)

Si sois 15 amigos o más amigos, el precio del campamento son 255€ per persona (Descuento de 50€)