In 2009 the Lord called me to serve in this beautiful ministry with young people, and since then, I haven’t stopped seeing His powerful hand changing the hearts and lives of so many of the kids that we have worked with over all these years.

In 2013 I became the Director of Madrid, the position in which I am still serving now, supervising several areas and programs around the Community of Madrid. My desire is to keep finding and training people willing to spend time in the lives of the Madrid youth, with the intention of one day sharing Jesus with them (may God send more workers to the field). In addition, I am still in direct contact with as many kids as possible each week, starting new relationships and discipling those who decided to follow Jesus during these years of ministry.

My wife Samantha and I are very grateful to God for giving us the privilege of serving Him through this ministry, and we will continue doing so for many years to come with your help and by the will and grace of God.

Blessings from the Beltráns.


To fulfill this mission to which we have been called, we would like you to consider the opportunity to join our support team and be part of this adventure.

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