I am Nekane Larreategui, I am from the Basque Country, northern in Spain. I grew up in a Christian family, even having my ups and downs, God has always been part of my life ….

A key moment in my relationship with God was at the age of 17, I decided to leave everything and go to a school of art and faith in Santander for a year. It was there that God broke me with his love, took me in his arms and showed me how much He loved me and how valuable I was!

My passion has always been working with young people and introducing them to God’s love and grace who also likes to enjoy life. For a long time, I dreamed with a project where I could include both, God and fun. Years later that dream became a reality.

In 2014 I met Young Life, and there was something inside of me that challenged me to want to be part of this adventure. It was in 2015 I left my job and decided to start developing the area of Basque Country.


To fulfill this mission to which I have been called, I would like you to consider the opportunity to join my support team and be part of this adventure.

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