We are a young couple, married in 2011. Since then, we felt God’s call in our lives to serve Him working with teenagers.

I, David, was born in a Christian family, and always went to church. However, I related God with Religion and boring people. In my church, there were no kids of my age but one day, I was invited to a camp and find out that following Jesus was not boring at all. It was there, through my counselor, that I was able to understand the Gospel and decide to become a follower of Jesus.

Joanna comes from a non-Christian family. I met her, years later, through a common friend from the church. She started attending church and we began reading together the book “The purpose driven life”, after which, she decided to become a Christian.

We have always had a special call to work with young people and I, David, have done it in different ministries inside and outside the church, from which I have learned and God has used to train and prepare us for this moment. In summer 2019 I got involved with Young Life as a volunteer leader. The more I got to know Young Life the more I felt that it was a perfect fit to our call and our passion for kids and Jesus.

God has confirmed us that He wants us here. Moreover, this call has been doubly confirmed when we found out that the Young Life team in Banyoles had been praying for several years for someone to lead the Banyoles area!


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Si sois entre 5 y 9 amigos, el precio del campamento son 280€ per persona (Descuento de 25€)

Si sois entre 10 y 14 amigos, el precio del campamento son 265€ per persona (Descuento de 40€)

Si sois 15 amigos o más amigos, el precio del campamento son 255€ per persona (Descuento de 50€)