I believe the Lord called me to work with teenagers for a few years and, now I feel that He is calling me to dedicate all my time to this work.

It all started around 2014 when I felt my heart guiding me towards missions work. From that time on, I started to search for missions where I could serve. With that in mind, I attended a Discipleship Training School offered by Youth With A Mission in Nüremberg, Germany. That took me to an outreach in Burkina Faso, Africa, and then back to Barcelona while all the time I was searching for what God wanted me to do.

During that time, always had the opportunity to work with teenagers so, when I came back to Barcelona, I followed that path and began my time with Young Life, whose ministry is to reach teenagers who have not heard about Jesus.

I started as an occasional leader, and then became more active in my role, as time allowed. Now, with your help, I would like to join Young Life as a full-time worker so that I can dedicate all my time to these kids and to this work towhich I believe God is calling me.


To fulfill this mission to which I’ve been called, I would like you to consider the opportunity to join my support team and be part of this adventure.

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Si sois entre 5 y 9 amigos, el precio del campamento son 280€ per persona (Descuento de 25€)

Si sois entre 10 y 14 amigos, el precio del campamento son 265€ per persona (Descuento de 40€)

Si sois 15 amigos o más amigos, el precio del campamento son 255€ per persona (Descuento de 50€)